AZUL Summer Pavilion เกมภาค 3 ของซี่รีย์ Azul เกมรางวัล Spiel Des Jahres 2018


฿ 1,000 ฿ 1,000
฿ 1,500 ฿ 1,500
฿ 2,000 ฿ 2,000
฿ 550 ฿ 550

The Stronghold SIAM : Gateway to Board Games

Follow fun programs from us on Youtube Channel [ The Stronghold SIAM : Gateway to Board Games ]. 
New video every Saturday.

Program “Gameplay”

This program show you a gameplay of board games. You will see how to play, techniques and have fun with our game master’s style.

Program “5 board games recommend”

This program recommend board games in many topics that will help for your decision.


The Stronghold : Gateway to Board Games

Committed to create learning center and modern hang out place with board games.

Develop your process thinking and sociability including have fun with friends.

Open the new learning world that suitable for current lifestyles and has a good atmosphere with an unique store design concept called “The Stronghold”.

Welcome to the world of board games. Please come to join us.